January 16, 2012


It's been sewing for a couple hours now, and still looking like it's just getting started. What a perfect day to be tucked inside and quilting. I've been working on my sister's quilt for the past few days, and am nearly done!

Little Argyle took over the photography and successfully snapped a shot of me quilting.
This is her wedding quilt, and she made it. She used fat quarters as part of her table decor for her wedding. Not knowing what to do with all the fabric afterward, I suggested she make a quilt. I know she has started at least 2 other quilts that have never been finished. So, I am really proud of her that she finally finished a quilt.

My sister traced the patterns she wanted me to quilt: a butterfly and a 6-pointed flower. I thought the quilt needed a little filler too, so I am now quilting some viney swirls in all the colored squares.

I still have a looong way to go with my machine quilting skills, but I can already see an improvement in control and technique. Grandma's quilt sure gave me a lot of needed practice. I am much less intimidated now.

Now back to quilting. I hope to have it done later today or tomorrow.

What are y'all up to today?


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  1. I've just been crocheting and knitting. I'm working on a knitted hat. I'm pretty stoked about it. Kody's grandma wants me to knit her a hat too! She wants a slouchy hat, so that's pretty cool :)

  2. I feel like I have a new friend in you. Is that totally nerdy? Probably! Look at your mad machine quilting abilities...something I definitely do not have. Your sister is super lucky. Keep it up! xo


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