August 28, 2011


Yesterday, I spent some time with my baby sis, putting up several quilts on the frames. Okay, we spent a lotta time framing up some quilts. We started with my Sister's Queen size.

She got married last year. Part of her decor was using fat quarters centered on round tables, with flowers and pictures of the happy couple on top. She didn't know what to do with the fat quarters when the festivities were over, so I suggested she make a quilt. My sister does not quilt. She sews a little, and has started 2 other quilts, but never finished. I helped her draw up a quick little pattern and checked in on her several times to make sure she was getting her quilt top done. It took her a couple months, between school, work and everything else, but she finally finished. I am so glad she finally did too! I think it turned out realy good!

(don't mind all the clutter in these photos. It isn't mine :D )

She told me there was supposed to be another row or two on the quilt, only she lost some of her pieces and didn't find them until after finished what she had done and made the backing as well. She gave me the rest of her squares and scraps and I have been able to put a few in my Farmer's Wife blocks. (I am way behind on that one too)

It was quite a tiring day. We were able to get 3 of mine up as well. But I'll save those for another day.
Hubby came and got the kids after work and left me his car. I didn't realize until i tried to leave that I didn't have keys for his car. The kids were still napping so I had to wait a while til he could bring me some keys. That just made the day even longer. Good thing I've got the best grandparents in the world, so I didn't mind.

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