June 14, 2016

Start Of Summer

Sooo ...
School got out, and we hit the road! I've been traveling solo with my kids for the past week and a half. I got home a couple nights ago, and yet to unpack. It just seems like SOOO much work! 

Instead, I've been picking cherries!! It might be more work, but so much more fun :) 
Today, I'll be turning these delicious fruit jewels into jelly. Unpacking can always wait :) 
I might even get to that quilt I started cutting 3 months ago....

May 23, 2016

Spring Sample Spree!!!

It's that time of year again .. the waiting, the running, the pushing, the grabbing. 
Yep! It's SAMPLE SPREE!!! 
And since the Quilt Market was just down the road from me this year, I took full advantage!!
I do still have a few bundles, books and totes to list, but the majority is listed on the site.
Here's a list of (most) the new bundles ...

Plus, receive a collector badge from Camp Moda with every order!
Look how adorable!

Ready to start shopping? Visit the store here.

March 29, 2016

Pink & Gold

My girl has been asking for a couple weeks now to make a quilt. Last week I pulled out all my bins and let her have it. Here are her picks. Most are scraps. And pink.
Turns out I have A LOT of PINK!

After she pulled all this fabric out, she says "so do I get a little box too?" 
"why?" I ask.
"Because," she says, "I'm ordering a quilt!"

Wait .. 
who's doing all the work here?!
Haha! I know it's me!
At least she'll help with piecing, right??

Speaking of  boxes, I still have some of the limited edition Moda small tins. You can still get these free with any purchase over $30.00. That is, until they are gone.

You can also purchase them here, in case you need more than one ;)