January 19, 2012


SO .. I must be having an episode of insomnia. I have been up since 4:00 this morning. After already being up at 1:30. I laid in bed for an hour before deciding that I really should be sewing instead. I was able to finish my sister's quilt yesterday (pictures to come). I had only 3 1/2 blocks to finish when I ran out thread. My sis brought me new thread and I got down to the last corner of the last block when the bobbin thread ran out. Not to mention, my needle broke not too long before the thread ran out. Towards the end of the thread, the leading line was wound under the tail, which caused the thread to stop unwinding and stalled my machine. Not realizing this happened, I continued quilting and busted the needle. in 3 pieces. The sewing Gods must be against me :)

After I finished up her quilt, I started sewing my diaper covers for Kristy's monthly project. I don't have a serger, so I used the zigzag stitch instead. I got all the way down one side with about an inch to go, when the needle got on the foot and busted. again. in at least 4 pieces. teeny little fragments everywhere. And the best part .. half of it fell right through the foot, landing smack back end of the bobbin cartridge. stuck.
In my bout of insomnia, I spent some time looking for all the lost pieces, trying to get the needle unstuck, only to have it fall behind into the gears. I had to take nearly every screw out looking for the needle, only to find it hadn't fallen into the gears but nestled nicely inside the bobbin cartridge center.

With my machine sitting completely disheveled and the idea of me unscrewing everything to give a spic-and-span cleaning, a little eye ache is slowly creeping behind my pupils.

I need a break!

(Update: After I finished this blog post, I went back to my machine. Finished cleaning out some fuzz and started putting it back together, only to find that somehow the screws needed to secure the face plate have gone missing. 2 hours later, and I still can't find them.)

Kim Brackett's Picnic quilt has been on my to-do list since Its release. I finally got around to making it! I haven't followed someone else's quilt pattern (I usually do my own thing) in ... ... hmm .. I really can't think the last quilt I made following another's pattern. The Christmas quilt I made this year for my brother was from a book. Although, I started that quilt some 10 years ago.
Anyway, I was really excited to make this quilt, and it was a nice refresher not having to do figure out the math myself. I used Promenade by Cyndi Walker for Riley Blake Designs.

Now it just needs to be quilted!

I added an extra 2 rows to the side and bottom to make it a Twin. I used 2 1/2 Rolie Polies, Now I can't decide if I should use the extra strips for a scrappy binding or the grey polka dot (featured in the photo) that I had originally planned on.
I keep thinking maybe a matching doll quilt too ..


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  1. I hate days like that! It always seems to happen to me when I am in a hurry. The quilt looks great. If it were me, I think I'd use the left over strips to do the scrappy binding simply because it's already cut. :)


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