January 6, 2012

Christmas Handmade

Okay, This post might be a week or two late, but I really wanted to show y'all what I made for Christmas. We draw names in my family. This year I had one of my brothers along with his 4 children. I had a lot of sewing to do this year. To start, I made my brother a quilt. He has been complaining for a couple years that I have not made him a quilt yet, even though I made each of his children a quilt when they were born. The quilt I made was actually one I had started some 10 years ago and somehow forgot about it along the way. All the pieces were cut and the majority was sewn. It was supposed to be a Queen, but I decided to make it into 2 lap quilts instead.

I think he likes it!

For my nieces, I wanted to do something unique. This idea has been on my brain for a long while, so I was pretty excited to have someone to make them for. I made up some little monster purses, and I LOVE them. It was almost hard to part with (mostly for my kiddos), but easy enough to make again. I already know I will be making these again.

And for the eldest nephew, who wishes his name really was Indiana Jones, I thought I would make him an Indian Jones Satchel. I bought a suit from a thrift shop and upcycled it to the satchel. This was my first upcycle, and I loved using the suit. I think it was perfect for this satchel.

My nephew was really excited when he opened his gift (complete with a whip!)

And for my littlest nephew, who is barely a year, I made him a slug. I'm pretty sure he liked it too, considering he gave it a great big hug :)

I also made a few decorative wreaths. My Auntie had given us those "Merry Christmas" blocks that are different sizes, and I thought it needed a little something extra. And since I was making me one, I made one for my Auntie and Mom too.

Did you make any gifts this year?


  1. What wonderful gifts!!! Your brother's expression is priceless...makes you want to sew more! And those monster bags....when you make them again will you share the pattern or tute? I would love to make up some of those! Crazy cute!!!!

  2. OH how adorable! Those monster purses are great. I haven't seen those before. I want one for myself!!! LOL


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