August 14, 2014

Baby {D}

A while back I was going through my photos and discovered some projects I never posted about. I've been slowly catching up. One of those projects was for my little niece, who just so happens to be celebrating her first birthday today!

The pictures I found for her were actually from her baby shower. Which got me thinking that I never posted about the onesies I made her. Come to find out, I didn't even take pictures of them! Or if I did, deleted them before actually transferring to my computer. -- Luckily my sister doesn't live to far away (unlike my brother, who we visited in Oklahoma earlier this Summer), and I was able to get some photos to share with y'all :)

I wanted to personalize her onesies, and came up with this monogram. Which I instantly fell in love with and have made for just about baby born since!

And what girl wouldn't love a pair of ruby slippers!?! 
These shoes are another favorite of mine.

I was told that this ladybug onesie inspired a nickname for my niece :)

Group shot! 
I made these onesies in sizes from 0-3 month to 12-18 months. 
I'm glad to see they've been used well. And have held up well too!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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