June 21, 2014


I made this blanket for a shower I went to a month or so ago, for a baby boy. After I trimmed the lizard print down to size, there were quite a few lizards still intact. So, I thought "I'll cut out these lizards and applique them onto the front. It won't take that long".

After spending about an hour cutting out all the good lizards, not only was my hand a little sore (I used my embroidery scissors to get around all the little fingers), I thought  "Well at least it won't take so long to applique them. That will go really quickly".

I think I ended up with 8 good lizards. Thinking I might even applique a couple to a burp cloth or bib, I arranged 6 on the front corner of the blanket. 

I'm not exactly sure how long it took to applique them, but it was somewhere around 20-30 for each one. 
I had to go at the lowest speed, since these little guys are so tiny, and those fingers! I almost wanted to give up! I went around each lizard 3 times, for a scrappy kind of look, and also to ensure that the legs and tails would not come undone. 

It may have taken longer than I thought it would, but really - - it was SOOO worth it!

I absolutely love how it turned out! I almost didn't want to give this one away! 
And ... I still haven't got around to that burp cloth/bib :)

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