January 31, 2014

Name That Quilt ~ Quilt A-Long

I've been in a little bit of a lull this month. I think my boy has done more sewing than I have. I'm okay with that :) I haven't felt very motivated to do any machine sewing. Sometimes, all you need is a break. And, sometimes, all you need is a new quilt! The other night I came up with a new quilt design. It is such an easy quilt, but with endless possibilities to make it your own.

So here it is ...

Simple, Right! And how fantastic would this be on top of a bed with the occupant's name hanging over! And like I said, SOOO many possibilities! The stripes can be pieced several ways, or left as a solid/print strip. You can use ANY word (not just 5 letters), or font for the lettering. And, of course, it can be made in any size! 

I thought it would be fun to do this quilt as a Quilt A-Long. If you'd like to join, please leave a comment below, so I know there is interest for it. If I get my butt in gear enough (or not play around in all my fabric), we could even start next week. I'll post sizes, different options for the stripes, fabric requirements and the font I used (and where to find it). 
I plan to make one for each of my kids for their beds, but I would love to hear if you have a preferred size. 

Just to show you some of the possibilities with color and letters, here's a few more I have been playing with ..

You could even do it in your school colors/mascot ..

or your favorite football team! 

SO ... Who wants to Quilt A-Long with me!?! 


  1. This would be so fun! I'd love to make a lap, twin and Queen size. Might be a little ambitious!

  2. I'll be watching.....grin...and maybe I can't resist.

  3. i love this idea! I would love to make one as a twin size--maybe even two!


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