January 24, 2014

Boy's Wallet

The other day, my boy asked me if he could make a wallet. 
He dug through my stash and found some pirate map fabric and dark blue denim that he wanted to use. He found a few grommets that he thought were cool, and even picked out the color of thread he wanted.

I did the prep work for him; cutting and pinning. 

He did the sewing.

And trimming.

He does an excellent job of keeping up with the pins. 

I keep the speed at the slowest setting. He got a little bored with that this time, so I bumped it up just a little. 
He was able to keep up with the speed, and only veered slightly while putting the pins away.

I love that look kids give when they are heavily concentrating, 
especially when it involves the tongue slightly sticking out. 

I thought he picked the denim for the right side. Boy, was I wrong! 
He really picked it to use the wrong side, which I think is pretty cool. 

I love that he picked the pirate map for his wallet. 
I just kept thinking how X marks the spot for treasure.

The only thing I helped with was the top stitching and the grommets.
Although, he chose the spot for the grommets.

This kid is turning into quite the little sewist. 
A few more years of this, and he'll be better than me! :)

He really wanted to have a wallet so he could have something to take his money to the store in. He's been saving his birthday, Christmas and unexpected tooth loss money so he could get himself a Lego set that he sooo desperately wants. He's even asked if he could do little jobs to earn his own money. Yesterday I had to get shoes for my little girl who's feet seem to grow a size every month, and happened to see the set he wants on sale. 

We went back to the store with his wallet in hand. 
He was so excited to pay with his own money and had just enough to get the Lego set.

 I asked him how it felt to pay on his own. His reply, "Great! I love it!" 

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  1. I love it!!!! It looks so great! Enjoy those Legos! :)


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