September 30, 2013

Cuddle Stroller Quilt With Ties Tutorial

Hey guys! I have a great tutorial to share with you today over on the Shannon Fabrics blog.
I've been working with Shannon Fabrics for the past couple of months, collaborating ideas for tutorials. During a brainstorm, the word 'stroller' came up and it just clicked! I knew exactly the type of project that needed to be done!

How many of you with children dealt with the constant struggle of keeping a blanket on your child while in the stroller, especially in the colder months? Whether the blanket fell on Its own, or with the help of kicking feet, I could never keep a blanket up. I even tried pulling the ends of the blanket around the stroller frame; a very temporary solution.

The great thing about my Stroller Quilt, is that it ties up!! Not only can you tie it up out the way of the wheels, but it also creates a little pocket to keep little feet warm!

With so much soft cuddle, kids love to snuggle up! My little model couldn't stop petting the fabric. Something we can all relate to, Am I right! ;)

This doesn't just have to be a stroller quilt either. It can also be used as a quick cover up for any nursing mom.

Or a play mat for a little one.

For the full tutorial, head on over to the Cuddle Corner! And, be sure to add your completed stroller quilt to the Fabric Seeds Flickr Pool. I would love to see what you make!

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