September 28, 2013


I have something exciting to share with you today!
But before I get into it, I just want to thank all you who have given me support throughout my business endeavors. I greatly appreciate your kind & encouraging comments and emails. I am so very grateful to those of you who have expressed your interest and given me the push that I really needed.

Last year I posted about a baby quilt I had designed for my new niece, using the stretched star block. In recent months, there had been a considerable amount of interest for this pattern. So, I began the process of writing up the pattern, making a couple new sample quilts (that was the easy part!) and learning about what to do/where to go for printing. This has been quite the learning experience for me!
After a long search, and a little guidance from a fellow pattern writer, I was able to find a great printing company. Next, came creating a new logo. After some brainstorming with a friend of mine, we came up with a pretty good idea, at least at the time. When I got my logo, and added it to the pattern, it just didn't fit. I wasn't sure about it. Good thing I've got some pretty good quilty friends who could offer their opinion. Sorry to say, the first logo was a no-go. After a couple more brainstorming ideas, this time with my bro., he drew me up something amazing. I love how this new logo really fits with everything I wanted it to be. I am so much happier with the logo, and my quilty friends agree :)

I am so excited to introduce to you my first publicized pattern under my new design name:

I only had one thought for this pattern: Supernova. What I love most about this pattern is, that it works incredibly well with a great range of color. With the right placement of the blocks, the colors move as a gradient, which reminds me of how a Supernova looks, sending out tiny bits of star in a burst of spectacular color. 

Now I know not everyone wants to make a baby quilt. It's always good to have an option, right!? Well, the another awesome thing about this pattern is, it not only has options for Baby, Toddler, Lap and Twin; but it also has options for a larger scale block in quilt sizes Lap, Twin and Queen/King!

Seriously, I would have included the smaller scale blocks all they way up to Queen/King, but while I was looking at it, and had the math all figured out, I wondered if anyone would really want to make a King size quilt with the smaller blocks, I mean, besides me :)

And, yes! This pattern is extremely pre-cut friendly! Charm squares are great for the smaller scale (and actually the mini charms would work great as well, just be sure to have them in multiples of 4) and Layer Cakes (or any 10" squares) are perfect for the larger scale (again, charms would work for the larger scale, just remember to have 4 of each print).

In case anyone is wondering about my fabric choices, for the smaller scale quilt, I used Cuzco by Kate Spain with Bella Solid Bleached White as the background. For the larger scale quilt, I chose Pick A Bunch by Nancy Mims with RBD Gray Solid as the background.

Supernova is currently in production, with the expectation to arrive in the next couple of weeks.
This is an 8 page booklet; with full color, step-by-step illustrations, and clear coated.

As a bonus for pre-ordering, you can save $2.00 off the purchase amount by entering coupon code 'supernova' at checkout. This promo is only for pre-orders! As soon as the patterns arrive, it will be at regular price. Although I don't have an official date yet, you'll have at least through next week to pre-order. I will update once the patterns have been shipped by the printer.

I am sooo excited!!!
I hope to be able to share many more patterns with you in the future!

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