October 8, 2013

Toes In The Sand ~ Month 9

October has been a busy sewing month already! I have been busy making Halloween costumes for my kids. I can happily say I am 99% done. Now, if only I could find where I put the eyelets to finish up my little girl's costume .. hmm..

So, we are on month 9 of the Toes In The Sand block of the month.
This month was so fun to make. I did have a mishap of cutting the first jewel piece the wrong size, but lucky for me, it was too big instead of too small. This may have been the most exciting block for me, thus far. This is such a great block to showcase those awesome little octopi.

I tried to fussy cut the sea water just as well, but I was a little off with direction as I stayed up a little too late cutting this one. Hence why I also cut the wrong size with the blue block too. I'm a little embarassed to say it took me a few minutes to figure out where I went wrong.
All in all, it still looks good :)

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  1. Lovely! I love the little triangles in this block. And of course I always love the octopi!


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