November 24, 2012

Little Things = Big Changes

I have a this incredible friend. I know I've told you about her before. Lindsay has helped me a ton with my social-networking problems (i mean actual problems, like how to link stuff up; not my complete awkwardness, and the fact that I am completely inept when it comes to everything social).

It's pretty obvious that the blog is in dire need of a little TLC. Not only does Lindsay run a couple of blogs herself, but she does quite a bit of free lance work. Her blogs always look great, with cute (updated) headers, little tags for all her social connections, and an easy to read layout. I will admit, mine totally sucked. It's one of those things that I got set up, and then never visited. Which, I'm sure you could tell as well (which is why you probably just go with your reader and haven't visited in a while - I don't hold it against you). I mean, come on, I hadn't even updated my side bar with 'new arrivals' or 'coming soons' since I think February ?? ....

Anyway, Lindsay has come to my rescue, again! I gave her full control, and she has really cleaned up my mess. The blog looks great! I think there are a few more tweeks to work out on a few links, but I absolutely LOVE IT!

If you are one that reads the blog from your reader, you really should take a minute to click over and view the changes that Lindsay has made. It's pretty awesome. She's even more awesome!


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