June 15, 2012

Metropolitan Quilts

The patterns I ordered from Metropolitan Quilts while at market arrived yesterday evening.
Each of these patterns include all templates needed to make these beautiful quilts. I absolutely fell in love with Rome during the sneak preview Lindsay and I were privilaged to have.

(Is it just me, or does this resemble a crop circle, and a sand dollar)

When I stopped by their booth the next day, I was shown this gorgeous winter quilt, Des Oiseaux de Noel.

I love the quiet elegance of this quilt. It definitely makes for a gorgeous wall hanging, or would be perfect on a guest bed during the snowy months. I'm also thinking how great a cuddle quilt this would be next to a warm fire with some hot cocoa.

Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about Winter right now, since Summer is just barely beginning.
But then again, maybe I should; Since I entered into the draw for this challenge yesterday.
And let's face it. I already know what I'm making for Christmas gifts this year.

Most of them anyway.

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