June 18, 2012

A Father's Day

This year for Father's Day, I decided to go with the traditional gift of a tie. I actually don't remember ever giving him a tie. Socks, yes. But a tie .. unless it has slipped my mind completely, I don't think it has happened. I didn't want to just give him any tie either. I decided I would make him a tie. My little guy even helped pick out the fabric. He settled on this piece from the Cosmos collection. He must have been reading my mind, because I have had my eye on this one since Its debut.

I really had hoped to have a tutorial to go along with this post. Unfortunately I couldn't get the template sizes to print the correct size, and am still having trouble figuring it out. Once I get everything squared away, I will share my tutorial with you.

I was even able to find a small tag in my sewing box that was absolutely perfect. Of course, I put in upside down. In my defense, it was right side up when I was sewing it, but then again, I was sewing the the tie upside down too. HA!

Hooray! It fits!

I love it.
My dad loves it!
My boy even wanted one too.
And my nephew tried to steal it.


  1. THAT is a fabulous tie!!!! Love the fabric you all settled on too, perfect for a tie! I think your lil' guy has a great eye!


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