June 22, 2012

Chevron Accent Quilt

My Chevron Accent Quilt is done! This pattern was so simple, and sew up fast & easy! It's a great pattern to have on hand. It's especially great for a beginner. Cindy has clear instructions with photos of each step. This pattern is available only as a PDF, and will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. No waiting in the mail to get started on this beauty!

It took a day, or so, to cut and sew, and I was able to quilt it in 2 days. I am so happy with the quilting. Not just happy, but maybe overly proud. I had a little debate with myself on how to quilt it, and took a few suggestions. After thinking everything over, I still didn't know what to do. I decided I better just start by stitching in the ditch and hope the rest would come to me. I did step outside my comfort zone. I really am not too expierenced quilting on the machine yet, but I think this quilt totally changed that. I found myself not thinking about what I was doing, and just did it.

I took the stripes as an opportunity to do different designs. I quilted 6 different designs, 3 in each the grey and pink. It was my first time doing 4 of these designs. Maybe that's why I'm so proud. Personally, I think they turned out pretty darn good for a first time :)

Warning: Picture overload ahead.

I especially like the back.
I love the design strip of grey.

Cindy has also created a Flickr group to add your versions of her quilt.
You can find it here.

And lastly, If you don't already follow Hopeful Threads, you really should. Kristy is such an amazing seamstress. She posts great tips, notions you should have, and does a monthly sewing project.
Plus, she is hosting an awesome giveaway over there right now. Check it out here.


  1. This is absolutely amazing Sarah!!!! Wow! I love it! The fabrics, the pattern and your stitching ROCKS!!!

  2. I am seriously impressed! I only wish I had enough confidence to quilt things on my machine.

  3. Thanks for making my quilt and for your wonderful blog post about it!! Your quilting is absolutely beautiful. I love the back, too.


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