June 25, 2012

Operation Wood Hollow

This summer has not been unlike any other. It's hot, it's dry and there's always a fire somewhere. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. A very nice place in the desert. Yesterday, a massive fire was sparked by electrical wires. The fire has spread over 39,000 + acres, and has already completely engulfed 30 homes. 2,500 people have been displaced.
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source: http://fox13now.com/2012/06/23/crews-fighting-sanpete-county-wildfire/

During their breaks, our firefighters have been sleeping in the streets with the fires close behind them.
The fire is only 10% contained, with 575 homes still in the path and on notice for evacuation.

Photo: A big THANK YOU to our firefighters! A viewer sent us this picture of the brave men and women trying to get some rest before heading back to the front lines (and this doesn't look like the most comfortable place!). Tell them thank you in the comments -- and we'll send this post to them. 

We'll have fire reports on KSL tonight with Nadine Wimmer, Dave McCann and Mike Headrick.

Today I received an email from a fellow quilter, Julie, that lives close to the fire. She has taken in some evacuees, trying to help any way she can. She talked of dear friends of hers that spent their time helping others evacuate instead of evacuating themselves, their home is a complete loss. They have nothing left, but the clothes they were wearing.


Thinking of this huge loss her friends have now endured, and feeling helpless towards them, Julie is asking for your help in donations to provide a quilt to each homeowner that has now lost their home. Anything will help Julie reach her goal: fabric, quilt blocks, finished tops, or completed quilts.

I would really like to help Julie fill her goal.
Any size quilt or afghan will do. Julie will also accept donations of new (handmade or store bought) clothing, and anything else someone with nothing could use.

Who's with me on this?
Please leave a comment, or email me at admin@fabricseeds.com if you are interested in helping!!

(I can give a special discount on materials that will go to this cause only! I will not advertise how much, or promotion codes here, since this is for a special cause and only intended for those that are purchasing to help. Instead, I will correspond thru email.)


  1. What size quilts? When are you planning on handing them out?

    1. Christy - I would be happy to have any size quilt! I will be handing out the quilts in approximately 3-4 weeks . . . once I have received all the quilts I need. ~ Julie ~

  2. Sarah - Thank you soooooo much for posting this information on your blog! A couple of things - they believe that this fire was caused by downed power lines. One other thing - to my knowledge, they haven't let the evacuees return home yet. It's still too dangerous with the fire still burning so close. They will re-evaluate that tomorrow (Tuesday) when they can reassess how things are. As far as offering a discount for this . . . THANK YOU!!! That is so generous of you!!! I really appreciate all your help with this!!! You're AWESOME!!! =D


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