March 2, 2012

my first time

Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower. A baby shower for a girl I babysat from day 1. I was at her house nearly every day for years and years. It's almost surreal that she is now having a baby herself. She mentioned to me that she will be decorating the nursery with penguins. I knew right away what I wanted to make for her.

I made a self binding flannel blanket with an applique penguin to the back; and 2 burp cloths made from the same print featured on the front of the blanket. Of course, this didn't feel like enough for the girl I spent so much time with and watching her grow. I decided to make some applique onesies as well. The have dabbled a little in applique, but not much. I did stitch my first dresden plate about a year ago, and have just finished another (pictures coming .. ) other than that, I have done name towels for my kids with a satin stitch. I wanted to try something new, since I would be dealing with some itty bitty pieces. After seeing so many great projects done with raw edge applique, I decided it was time I give it a whirl.

I just had to make a onsie to match the blanket

The turtle is my absolute favorite!

I used a combination of blanket stitch and raw edge, and I LOVED IT! I had so much fun making these onsies, I have already started on some more. I've been asked to participate in a local boutique, and thought these would be perfect to display. I have many other projects in the makes right now, too. I have so many ideas running through my head, it's been hard to decide what to do first.

What have you been up to lately?


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