March 4, 2012

Love Letters Month 3

Oh Boy! I sure fell behind in my Love Letters blocks. Month 5 will be sent out in just a few days, and I hadn't even done month 3 yet! Well, I decided that needed to change, and set aside some time to do some catching up. I had actually hoped to have month 4 finished as well, but month 3 took much longer than I would have liked. It took me an entire afternoon/evening to cut and sew about half. That included making dinner, bath time, a quick rescue and bedtime.
When I got up to press some seams, Paisley quickly took my spot at the machine. She is always trying to push the buttons on the screen and make the "baby" appear. It's a little sad face that comes up when you try to do something it won't allow, like start with the presser foot up. I didn't see her take my place, since she had been running around the house with her brother. I hadn't even started to press when she started to scream. I turned to see her little hand caught under the needle. I have no idea how she managed this. The needle had pierced her index finger on her right hand from top to bottom, and was resting in the feed dogs. I checked her finger as soon I got it free. She didn't even bleed! I was amazed. Now her finger just looks a little red, and she doesn't seem to notice the sore. With all the excitement surrounding these blocks, I just finished them tonight. I think I will put month 4 on a little bit of a hold, for now.

Here is month 3 of the Love Letter Block Of the Month:

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  1. OH my gosh.. I am glad to hear she is okay.. BOy.. Hope she doesn't have any trouble with that! I have a question do you have the etching line of fabric or just the bOM? I am thinking of doing a bit of modifying on my blocks and think I want to get some more of the grey scroll.


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