March 15, 2012

Flea Market Fancy

Like most of you, I have been awaiting the reprint of Denyse Schmidt's 'Flea Market Fancy.' I really wish I could have gotten this in store for you all. I have been wanting to get an account with Westminster/Freespirit for a while now and even tried to convince them to let me buy without an account. It didn't work. Basically I was told at the Fall Market that in order to the get Flea Market Fancy, the market would have been the absolute latest I would have been able to place an order. But getting an account was going to take longer than market.

I have been saving my pennies instead. Even though I was on the waiting list to be contacted when it arrived, I was impatient and decided to call about it the other night. It had finally arrived! I quickly went to the shop. I couldn't find it, so I asked one of the ladies if she knew where it was. Well .... it had just barely arrived, and wasn't even unpackaged yet! I felt like saying I would take it all, but at $11.10/yard, that wasn't feesible.

I didn't get the whole line. I didn't save enough pennies for that. I was able to get my favorites in 1/2 and 1 yard increments. Exhausting my fabric allowance for a couple of months, I'm happy with what I was able to get my hands on ... for now.

Now the hard part .. deciding what to do with it all :)

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