January 24, 2012

A couple screws lost

I finished quilting my sister's quilt the other day. I probably should have posted this before my last post, so the chronilogical order was correct. But I was so excited to be have finished up the diaper covers, I just couldn't wait. So before I show you some pictures, please don't judge my quilting too harshly. I am still new at machine quilting, and it got a little tricky with the larger designs.

Here is the quilt in full

Close up of the flower design 

Close up of the butterfly 

The back 

I really like how the swirlies mix with the butterfly. I had a lot of fun with this quilt and got some much needed practice! My sister was pretty happy with it too, which is the most important opinion. I will be showing her how to do the binding too!


I had another hiccup with my machine. The night I finished her quilt, I starting have some episodes of insonmia. This happens more than I'd like it to. Last night was unfortunately, another one for me. UGh! anyway ... While I was not sleeping, I decided to do some sewing on the diaper covers, but first had to retrieve the broken needle that fell under the stitch plate; and ended up cleaning my machine in the process. Well, my little Argyle woke before I was finished and thought he would help me clean it too. In his attempt to help me, I think he must have picked up my screws and done who knows what with them. I figured they couldn't have gotten far, since he was next to me nearly the entire time. I spent all day in search, and was never able to find them. (A little background on my sewing area. I have a very teeny tiny house. There is currently no room for me to have a sewing table. So to improvise, I use tv tray tables, and sit at the couch. It's the only furniture that is height appropriate. I also have a stack of fabric nestled between the couch and wall, to keep it hidden. I thought the screws might have ended up in the couch - which by the way, I broke while playing a game with the kids and now the lining is ripped a little. or under the couch, or in the fabric next to the couch. I spent the day cleaning out everything. so the plus is that everything is much more organized now, but now screws.)
Later in the evening, I went to the shop that I bought my machine from to see if I could get replacement screws; fully thinking they would have to order them. They ladies there were so nice to see if they had any spare machines in the back room and was able to find ONE machine with the same size screws. WHEW!
I sure am glad the screws didn't have to be ordered so that I could get right back to sewing the diaper covers.

That seems to be the end of my story ..  I got a little distracted by some orders that just came through, and can't really think what else to say. so, I better get on it!  Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love that pattern. I have a batik quilt that I did with that pattern as well! LOVE the colors! Sorry to hear about your machine. Good to hear you have orders :) I received my 3rd love letter bOm..will hopefully get to work on it this weekend. :) Take Care,


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