November 11, 2011

Love Letters Month 1

The Love Letters Block Of the Month started this week (There are still a couple spots left for late entry). After a few short hours yesterday, I completed both (identical) blocks for this month. I am in love with the Etchings collection by 3 sisters. The colors and prints with this line sure make this block look quite elegant, as I'm sure the rest of the quilt will be, too. The blocks are quite large, measuring 17.5" square.

so, I have this friend that lives in my neighborhood. She's been saying for a while now that she wants to make a quilt. Her first quilt. Her first time sewing. She saw the Love Letters and loved it. Some time later, she saw it again and didn't like it. She brought a friend over the day to look at some fabric and patterns. The friend saw the BOM and showed it to my friend, who again said she loved it, but not all the gray. While looking thru all the fabric on my shelves, she found all the fabric for the Love Letters and once again, declared her love. She did this not only with the Etchings, but with many other lines, like Butterscotch & Rose,  Ruby and Sugar and Spice. She kept saying she didn't like the aqua in these lines but then would try to use it as her main color. Every time she pulled something she had just a minute or two before said she did not like, then absolutely loved, I would remind her it was the same thing she just looked at. It was almost like watching a kid in a toy store being excited about everything they see and not really looking at the same time. It was a fun afternoon of flip flopping. And to think, she thought it would only take 10 or 15 minutes. I'm excited to be helping her and her friend with their first quilts!

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  1. Sarah!... Georgia and I worked on our blocks today..we got them all cut and ready to sew... I ran out of daylight and my sewing cave got a little cold..forgot to bring the heater with me so I will work on mine tomorrow. :) Hope to get it all put together this weekend. These fabrics are so YUMMY!!! Thanks again. :)


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