November 8, 2011

A+ Art Portfolio by Hopeful Threads + A How To

My friend Kristy over at Hopeful Threads created this art portfolio pattern for her daughter. She has generously given the pattern to Create H.O.P.E. where you can purchase it for $5.00!! I made one over the weekend, and it was so simple, so quick and so fun to make. This portfolio has so many options, you can easily customize for any need. I did mine a little different than the pattern and Kristy has posed many variations on her own blog. To start, I made my own laminate, instead of buying. I found the perfect fabric that I wanted to use, and it didn't come in laminate. I bought some iron-on vinyl from Hancock's. This is such a great alternative to buying laminate. Not only is it cheaper, but it also allows you to use any print you want. The only draw back, is the vinyl only comes in 22 wide, so probably not ideal for larger projects, like rain coats (although, depending on where the seams will be, you could be fine).
I wanted to show you how easy iron-on vinyl is. Start by cutting your fabric and vinyl the size you need it.
Peel back the vinyl from the paper backing and place on top of your fabric. The vinyl is a little tacky, but does not stay stuck, so you can pick up and replace if needed.

vinyl lying flush on fabric
 Next, you need your iron on the lowest setting with no steam. Place the paper backing on top of the vinyl side and press with your iron for about 8 seconds in each spot. Be sure that the iron does not touch the vinyl directly. It will melt!

Once that side the vinyl side is done, turn over and press again on the wrong side of fabric for about 5 seconds. 
Once it has cooled, you can take the paper backing off of the vinyl side, and use as laminate!

Now, Back to Kristy and her Art Portfolio.
Kristy is an amazing person. I really don't know how she does all that she does. I have not met her other than thru emails, but she truly is amazing! She is always so nice and supportive, and is constantly sewing for charity; making diaper covers for preemies and orphans. If you have not visited her blog, you must! She is so inspirational, and really, it's not just her, but her whole family! (you should see the bookmarks her daughter is making to help illiterate children). Kristy is a huge supporter of Create H.O.P.E., and does a montly project to help you get involved in charity work.
At $5.00 a pattern, this Art Portfolio would make such a great gift for this upcoming Holiday season. I couldn't sew this one fast enough, before Argyle took it from me. He kept trying to take it from while I was sewing, too. He loves it so much, and has not put it down since. Even though he and is sister are still in that eat the crayons stage, they both love to color. He immediately told me I had to get him his colors so he could put them in the portfolio. 

The A+ Art Portfolio has a button closure, with a pocket on the outside

The inside opens up to hold any art or crafting supplies. I don't have much to put in there now. we are keeping our supplies limited to paper and crayons right now. And, since my kids are mostly into coloring, I thought I would need a pocket to hold some paper or coloring book. I made the inner pocket as big as the height of the portfolio to accomodate such a need. The pocket on top is sewn down the middle for crayon boxes, and the pockets on the left side are various sizes for colored pencils, markers or paintbrushes (when ever we get to that point). It works good to carry Halloween candy also, as Argyle tried to fill all the pockets with his candy.

As a bonus... Kristy and Create H.O.P.E. have come together and hosting a giveaway, going on now. but you'll have to hurry, today is the last day to enter. Details here.
Be sure to check out the Create H.O.P.E. shop site too. They have quite a few patterns, all for $5.00, that make perfect gifts, and the proceeds go to a great cause! I have been buying their patterns for Christmas this year.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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  1. LOVE your portfolio! Thank you so much for such a great post and such kind and encouraging words! Sending virtual hugs your way! :)


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