October 6, 2011

Knee High Socks

Today I gotta wear knee high socks.
I don't like wearing socks, or shoes, and will tolerate sandals. Even in winter. But, if I have to wear socks, It's knee high. I must be getting old, cuz my legs get really cold if I wear regular socks. I only put socks on today because it is drenching outsided, and if there's one thing I hate more than wearing socks, it's having the bottoms of my pants wet from rain.

I went to the post office to drop off some packages. When I left my house, it was raining. When I got to the post office (3/4 of a mile, or less, away) it was almost hailing. kind of a sleet stage. When I left the post office, it was starting to snow. All this wetness has me in the mood for some Acorn Bisque, and fresh rolls.
If only I can find my recipe...

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