July 21, 2011

Checkout Stand Treats for the Hungry Quilter

Yesterday, I took Argyle to help me hunt down some fabric that I decided I need more of. I just don't remember where I got it from, and have no idea who it is by. We only made it to one shop. Argyle had a good time finding fabric for me, and he was such a big help to carry bolts to the counter. At this particular shop, they sell scrap squares of about 6", rolled up with a little tie and call them "quilter's candy." Argyle thought they were treats. I picked a few out for my farmer's wife quilt.
Of course, Argyle thought they were his and kept them in the car with him. The bag fell; when I picked it up, everything fell out. I told Argyle he'd have to wait until we got home for me to pick them up. All he said was "GIVE ME MY FABRIC SEEDS NOW!"
I was surprised! The only time I ever say 'Fabric Seeds' is when I am making business calls, and that is usually during nap time. All I could think was, if it wasn't the perfect name before, it certainly is now. Plus he gave me a brilliant idea for later.

What an amazing kid!

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