July 20, 2011

City Life Holds No Glamour

my Farmer's Wife week 3:

I decided I should put my stash to good use with this quilt. Quite a bit of my stash dates back many, many years. Some was given to me by my Grandmother, who was also a quilter. She used to take her quilting on the road with her when her and my Grandpa would take trips in their R.V.. She gave me a few unfinished blocks that she started by hand, and some scraps to finish, if there was enough. I have not done anything with them, not because I haven't wanted to. My Grandma handstitched these pieces! I just hadn't found the perfect quilt to place them in.
There wasn't enough fabric with some of the pieces she gave me, and I so desperately wanted to use all the fabrics in one quilt. I think I finally found that quilt. The first block this week, I used some of those pieces she gave me. As I was pulling fabric, I happend to look at the template too and noticed the large triangle was the same size as some that were already cut. It's almost like it was fate ;)


Hill & Valley

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