April 29, 2011

How Many?

Lately it feels like I don't have much to do when it comes to sewing. However, that is not true. It's more like, the amount of time I get to sew does not correspond with the amount of time a project would take. I don't want to get started into something that I know I might not even be able to get a block finished, or a full row done by the time one of the kids wakes up. I haven't even wanted to cut any fabric knowing I will not be able to sew it for days. Which got me thinking; Exactly how many projects do I have unfinished? I started making a list in my head while driving home from the grocery store.
Let's see...
I have: 3 quilts that I have started hand quilting. Two of them I started when I still had my job with the airline, and have since sat unfinished. I'm thinking I might just machine quilt them and practice my horrible skills.
4 quilt tops finished, one of which has been resting on the back of my computer chair for almost a year now.
7 quilts that I have started sewing. 1 is a block of the month quilt, so it shouldn't really count.
4 quilts that have been cut, or at least partially cut and then tucked away for me to forget about. I recently found these projects, and two of them have been moved to the 'sewing' section. I think I started cutting them 8 or 9 years ago(??)
1 blanket made purely from minky that needs a back, with two more to do start.
1 pair of pajamas; that, again, was cut out several years ago and forgotten.
1 baby bunting (I think that is what it's called, the pajamas with no legs and looks kinda like a sleeping bag)
And... I have another 4 quilts that I need to get started on. (3 are commissioned quilts, so I really need to get started)
Lastly, several small projects, in which I hope to have done by Mother's Day.

I know I'm not the only one who does this; so.. I'm wondering, how many is on your list?

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  1. Well, let's just say the jammie pants that are cut but not sewn, will no longer fit DD as she has since traveled through puberty and been on the other side a couple years...LOL! I have faith that we all will get the important projects done. Her life didn't end because she didn't have those jammies! Take a deep breath, dive in and Good Luck!


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