April 27, 2011

new design + awkward sewing = frustration

I've been working on a new quilt design, and it is not going as planned. I have been so frustrated with the sewing. This quilt is for my new nephew who is due to arrive in a few months. It's a pretty basic design, and really should have only taken about an hour to sew.
I've had a lot of hang-ups along the way, from forgetting to cut down the strips to the right size to partial seams and mitered corners not mitering. I can't show you yet, but I am sewing this thing pretty unconventionally. It will be a miracle if I can get it sewn the way I am sewing in my head.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck! In chaos, order and beauty will always win through!

  2. Good Luck, sometimes needle and thread will surprise you in the end, don't give up.


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