April 21, 2011

Henrietta Turtle

My project for the weekend was to make a pincushion. I decided to make the Henrietta Turtle by Heather Bailey. I have never made a pincushion before. Henrietta Turtle was easily sewn and stuffed in about 20 minutes. The finishing touches, however, took me all weekend. As soon as I got her stuffed, my little boy was there waiting to take her away. It took some convincing for me to get her back and finish sewing her up. Once again, upon sewing her up, Henrietta was whisked away. I decided to wait until my little ones were sleeping to finish her completely.

I'm already planning to make more :)


  1. oh my that is sooo cute! im so wanting to make that!

  2. Oh that is lovely.. you will have to make more for your little ones now.

  3. She looks lovely in the purple, especially her cute shell!


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