April 18, 2011

New Fabrics In Store

I finally received my new shipment of fabrics over the weekend. Here's what's new in the store.

Day Dream Fat Quater Bundles in 3 colorways:
Happier Fat Quarter Bundles in 3 colorways:
I also received some solids (more to come with future groups):

 Bleached Denim
Fresh Mint
 Sweet Carrot

I was able to get a couple things done this weekend. Well, mostly done anyway. I still have to add the finishing touches to my current project, and then I can show you. I'll give you a hint....it's one of my new patterns.
I hope to get it done later today. But, that will all depend on if my little boy will let me have it long enough to finish. Were you able to finish your weekend projects?

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