April 22, 2011

Off The Rail

I think I received packages for the store everyday last week. It was a good week. It sure makes the mail more exciting to get something other than the usual pile of junk consisting mostly of weekly ads. The last package I received was of the newest pattern by Jaybird Quilts, "Off The Rail." It's a twist on the traditional 'Rail Fence'

I keep looking at this pattern and think of all the different fabrics I could use for it. I haven't settled on one yet, but I'm thinking I might make a car quilt for my little boy.
Or maybe cutting into my stash of 'Central Park', or 'Bliss', or 'Sugar & Spice'.
It's a tough choice.
My boy might win.

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  1. I keep looking at that and wondering if it would be suit using a jelly roll. It's a lovely pattern.


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