February 16, 2016

An Impromptu Wedding

It's starting to warm up a bit around here. The snow is nearly melted. It didn't seem appropriate to keep my Winter wreath up any longer. But, I'm not quite ready for my Spring wreath. I needed something in between.

SO ... 

I put this new 'wreath' together last night

Plus -- I was lucky to find all the supplies for 65-80%!! 

I took my little girl with me to help pick flowers. Instead, she gathered up as many flowers as she could hold and practiced walking down the aisle. When we got home, she orchestrated a practice wedding, so "she won't be nervous when she really gets married" She even wrote out vows! She enlisted her brother to be the pastor, who had been protesting the fake marriage, saying it was illegal. haha!
It was a beautiful wedding ;)

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