September 4, 2015

September Newsletter

Wow! Can you believe it is September already! School started last week for my oldest and then again this week for my youngest. The rest of the week has been trying to get into a schedule while the kids are gone. I've had big plans for a cleaner house, gym time and finishing up my huge stack of quilts. However, trying to budget time for each in a 2.5hr slot is seeming near impossible. Especially trying to do any work after the gym :) 
But you didn't come here to listen to my scheduling problems. 
I bet you just want to see pretty fabric, eh!
 There's been a few new arrivals to the store over the past couple of weeks.
First up is the the newest of the additions:
Cheddar & Indigo from Penny Rose Studios. 
How gorgeous are these blues and golds! 
I'm thinking I need a vintage-y style quilt made out these delicious fabrics!
I should have gotten my act together and joined in the low-volume plus block swap hosted by my friend Lindsay of  Craft Buds, but one thing I lacked was low-volume prints. This is a perfect collection to have for any low-volume quilt. Modern Paper Background is available in all pre cuts.
Lastly, the lastest Sample Spree from Moda arrived a couple of weeks ago.
You'll find yummy collections from Simply Colorful II by Vanessa Christensen in blue, yellow and purple colorways:
With all these beautiful collections, the gym and housework may just have to wait ;)
Sample Spree includes fat quarters, layer cakes, charms and jellies. You can check them all out here.

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