September 3, 2015

Back To...

Today, I'm getting a backing ready for this quilt top I made some months ago (still this year, so it's not been too long - like some of the other unfinished quilts in my stack!) I'm planning on getting it up on the frames this weekend.

Also, my little girl started Kindergarten this week. Both my kids are now in school, which means I have a few hours off to myself. Trying to find a schedule so far has been a bit hit and miss. I'm sure by next week, it will all come together. 
I wasn't planning on doing the whole sign thing for their first day of school pictures, but when I saw these clapperboards, I just had to do it! The 'Take' section I am using for what they want to be when they grow up. 'Prod. CO' is for their name. 'Director' is the teacher's name and 'Cameraman' is their school.

They are loving school, but not loving getting up in the morning. 
I can't blame them, I don't love waking up early either.
Any tips for balancing time while the kids are at school? 
I have a long list of should-do's and only a couple of kid-free hours.

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