February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day!

My kids were out from school yesterday, so we made some heart shaped brownies to take to their friends.
After realizing that the only heart cookie cutter I have is a smidge larger than a disc, I toted my kids from store to store looking for a much smaller one. 
The day before Valentine's.
It's like trying to buy a turkey the day before Thanksgiving. 
Practically impossible. 

We went to 4 stores before I found one - the very last one on the shelf. Which was a huge relief to not only find one, but the last one! :) I'm a sucker for brownies and these are so rich and fudgy, the small hearts turned out to be the perfect size without being overwhelming. 

I hope your Valentine's Day plans will be better executed than my last-minute-run-around-town-hope-to-find-what-I-need-plan :) Now to get a bit of sewing in while the kids are occupied with the valentines a mystery person dropped by the house this morning (wink)!

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