November 12, 2014

Lego Birthday Party

Today, my boy is 6! 

And, he is obsessed with Legos! So, we had a Lego birthday party for him - at the Lego store! It was perfect! I had so much fun planning his party, I wanted to share all the details with you today.

The invite!

The Lego store does a mini build each month. The kids get a little set with everything they need to build that month's chosen creation. Then they get to build it in store and take it home. Since kits are limited, each kid gets a ticket for the build. I thought it would be so fun to make the invitation like a ticket too (I followed this template).

The goody bags!

Of course everything had to be Lego themed! I found some yellow paper bags at the dollar store, made some Lego faces and printed them on yellow card stock.

I made some little coloring books, using images from the Lego movie. I even incorporated a little sewing by stitching down the center of each booklet, to secure all the pages. 

And melted an entire big box of crayons into Lego minifigures. 

A couple of marshmallow pops to look like Lego heads.

I had the most fun making these temporary tattoos! 

(all packaged up in little zip bags) 

To finish up the goody bags, a few candy bricks - that you can actually build with! 

This month's mini build was a space rocket with launching pad and control center.
So cute!

Master builders in the making!


  1. My grandson is really into lego too - that looks like a really fun party!

  2. I love the temporary tattoos! I'm planning my sons fifth birthday in July, would you be willing to share how you made them?



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