October 1, 2014

Brick Quilt

My friend made this adorable brick quilt for her little girl. This is the first quilt she has ever made. 
Isn't it beautiful! She did such a great job! 

Over the weekend, I quilted and bound it for her. It was a pretty rainy weekend here, which gave me the perfect excuse for staying inside to quilt :)

I quilted it with an all-over meandering rose pattern. I had so much fun with this pattern! It was so easy -- and relaxing. Before I knew it, the whole quilt was finished!

I love the wavy petals, and the texture! Oh the texture! 
Just look at all that yummy texture!

You can hardly tell, but I doubled the batting. It was so thin, it needed a little extra for fluff and warmth. 
After a quick wash, it now has that scrunchy-soft homemade feel to it.
Finished at the right time, too. It's starting to get a little chilly here. 
This quilt will be perfect for the coming months :)

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