June 13, 2014

Summer Dress

Back in March, or April, I can't remember which. I thought I would make another dress for my little girl. I got as far as cutting it out. I glanced at the instructions and noticed some shirring on the back bodice. I think that's where my interest was lost. I have never done shirring. I know, everyone says it's really easy, and there are some fantastic tutorials out there. At that moment, I was not feeling like getting out of my comfort zone. So Its sat. Birthdays came, and parties to plan, swimming lessons, hikes, gardening and so forth all took over. I decided I might not get this dress sewn before Summer was even over. So I called in the cavalry! My Mom.

My Mom has always been an incredible seamstress. She used to make me dresses when I was little. Big. Frilly. Dresses. Although I try to sew clothing, I am not that good, and the instructions more often than not, confuse me quite easily. My Mom was kind enough to sew the dress for me. She did a fantastic job! She seriously had this done in an afternoon. I'm pretty sure it would have taken me at 5 times longer!

It's the perfect summer dress, and my little girl simply loves it. Best part, it has twirlability!

Fabric for this dress is Enchant Floral in Navy by Natalie Lymer.

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  1. Lovely dress! She looks like she is really enjoying it too!


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