March 3, 2014

Name That Quilt ~ Letters

Machine applique. It's the last step to finish the Name That Quilt quilt top. It's what names that quilt! 

I may have forgot to mention one thing in the requirements. It's not something I even thought about until about 2 weeks-ish ago. 


Purely optional. If you don't have it. Don't worry. Most the time, I don't use it. However, it can be helpful. It does it what it implies. Stabilizes your fabric, making it easier to maneuver your fabric. I have found it easier to applique when there are layers. My needle doesn't get caught in a soft spot, and there's no thread build up. Just clean stitches. 
If using stablizer, simply cut enough to cover the space you'll be using and iron on to the back of your quilt top, about 10-15 seconds in each spot, or until fully secure. 

Okay. On to the actual applique....

First, you need to print your letters. You can use any font you like for this. I used 'Joint by PizzaDude' and you can download it for free from 
In the requirements, I was a little generous with the size of square you'll need for your letters. This being to accommodate for any letter, especially those tall letters like j, t & h. 

If doing the lap size, you'll want your letters to measure 6 inches in height, or at around 600 point in Word. 
For the twin, you'll want your letters to measure 8 inches in height, or at around 800 point in Word.
Print your letters and cut out from the paper. Next, trace your letters backwards onto the back (or smooth) side of the fusible web. 

Next, I like to spray starch my fabric pieces to get them a little stiff. I've found it helps with cutting and less loose frays. Then, place the letter right side (or gritty side) down on the wrong side of your fabric. Your letter should still be backwards to you. Press with your iron for about 6-10 seconds, or until it's secure. 

After the letters have cooled down, cut out around your outline. 

then peel the fusible web backing from the fabric. 

Arrange your letters to your liking. I placed mine in the center as best I could - without getting out the measuring tape ;)

Press into place for another 6-10 seconds, or until secure.

Before you stitch down your letters, you need to decide what type of stitch you'll be using. There are a variety of stitches you can use to machine applique. For this quilt, I will be using my triple stitch, which is also a setting on my machine. 

I also use the embroidery foot, which has a nice wide opening. I like to align the needle about 1 mm in from the edge of the fabric. Going at a comfortable pace, stitch all around your letters. 

If using stabilizer, once your are finished stitching your letters, turn top over and gently tear away the stabilizer. 

Here is my finished quilt top!

I would love to see your quilts!
If you would like to participate in a Name That Quilt parade, you can send your completed quilt tops (with any links you'd like to include) to and I will showcase your quilt! 

I hope y'all have enjoyed this quilt along!

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  1. It looks fantastic! I'm way behind, but I'm going to get to this!


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