October 23, 2013

Playing Nuetral

I never seem to have white or nuetral colors in my stash whenever I need them. Which is kinda odd since I could have sworn I've been buying them lately. Maybe I've just misplaced them. Non-the-less, I needed some for a quilt I'm planning and so, took the opportunity to get the kids out of the house.
I found this lovely bunch at one of the local shops near by.

Something about the many shades of nuetral make me happy :)

And that little pop of red ... I am really excited about this quilt!


  1. I'm the same! I thought I had been stocking up, but when I went to make 3 bee blocks using them, I didn't have much at all! Oh well, more shopping ;)

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  3. What shop did you get these at? There are a few I'd love to have.

  4. What is that sweet little grey floral on the top of the pile? Love it.
    And I always need background fabric--never have any in my stash.


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