May 24, 2013

Portland Spring Market {Part 1}

I debated with myself whether or not I should go the market this May. Last year, I drove to Kansas City with my little family. 16 hours in the car with 2 young ones wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Happily we had a portable DVD player to entertain them. While I wasn't really looking to take the whole family again, mostly because my hubby couldn't afford to take the time off, I thought it might be fun to go by myself. When I mentioned that to my mum, she asked to come along. And, how could I say no to that! So another road trip it was!
Last time I was in Portland was around 9 or 10 years ago. I loved it! And with Portland being so close to the Ocean, how could we not go for a visit. We got to the city a lot earlier than planned on, and way too early to check in to the hotel. I didn't sign up for any schoolhouses, because I didn't know what time I would really get there. So we had practically a whole day before having to be at the convention center for sample spree. To the beach we went!

We found our way to Canon Beach. It is incredibly beautiful there.
I just kept thinking how nice it would be rent a beach house for the summer. 

Our first stop the next morning was to Shannon Fabrics. I always love going to their booth. Not only is everything covered in minky, but the floor is so squishy. A nice break on tired feet. I wanted to crawl into this bed, and the walls were even covered in minky!

These adorable robots were spotted in the Robert Kaufman booth.

I was able to meet Angela Walters this market. She is amazing! I admire her quilting and was stunned to see this gorgeous quilt in person. The quilting was much smaller than the preview she gave on her blog. Which makes it all the more amazing.

One of my favorite booths was Emily Herrick's of Crazy Old Ladies.
Now this is my kind of movie theatre!

A couple months ago Emily had a contest to name her new quilt, and I had the honor of giving it's name: Boomerang (featured on the right).

This may be my favorite thing at market. I love the creativity Emily displayed in her booth, especially with this old movie reel. While I was going through pictures, I noticed she also had movie reels along the top of her booth. I'm so glad she won Second Place for a single booth. She certainly deserved an award :)

Quilt signing at the Sweetwater booth. This table runner was part of a giveaway.

The incredibly talented Tula Pink's booth was a show-stopper. 

I can't get over this gorgeous butterfly quilt.

These woven pillows were just awesome.

Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew in her booth.

And lastly for today, Me with my girl, Valori Wells. I met Valori at the first market I went to, and she seriously was the nicest person I met there. She always welcomes with open arms, literally. This girl always has an amazing booth. I love all the little details she puts into her art.

Is it just me, or do we look like we could be sisters? just sayin'...

Hope y'all have a great Memorial weekend!!
I'll be back with another post about market.  

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