December 1, 2012

The First Day Of December


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December the First.

I am not nearly as prepared as I think I should be. My house is in complete disarray. The fridge has been sitting in my living room for about 3 weeks now as I scour every flooring department I can come across for anything that will remotely resemble the missing tile I thought I already had. Which means, my kitchen floor has been torn up and hauled out. The appliances in my living room for over a week before new floor base was put down and we were able to move the oven and dishwasher back. Still no table in the kitchen and incredibly limited counter space. This is not my ideal situation for the holiday season.

I did, however, manage to put up my 18" tall Christmas tree today. As soon as I placed it on my little table in the living room, my boy told me it's not finished because it doesn't have a star on it. I went to the closet and pulled out a snowflake star I bought him last Christmas. He was very excited to see the tree will now have a star. And if I can find the time (and the right fabric) I plan to make it a new little tree skirt.
And then there's the shopping. The kids are easy. The husband is not. Too bad it's not as easy as picking out some pretty fabric for him too :)

Which brings me to my next point. 
Pretty Holiday Fabric.

Today I am giving away a Charm Stack of Alpine Wonderland 

Alpine Wonderland Charm Stack

To Enter, leave a comment on this post telling me anything about putting your tree up.
One comment per person. Open to everyone. Winner will be announced tomorrow, by Random.

Have a great day!


  1. I wish my husband wanted fabric for Christmas too. And about our tree....grrr...the afore mentioned husband volunteered our Christmas Tree as part of our church's Christmas party next weekend. So I cannot set it up until Dec 9th. Not happy about that. :)

  2. Our tree is going up next week, sorry to say it's not of the real variety. Then I have to wait until the 23rd to decorate it! I might pop! We've got a lot of family coming over for Christmas (8 staying with us but 29 for Christmas eve/day/ boxing day). The children want to decorate the tree together, if it keeps them out from under my feet for a couple of hours fantastic!

  3. Our tree is up! I used to buy a new ornament every year for each of the kids, but now they are grown and out and I only put my own on the tree, as theirs went with them when they married. So now I buy a new ornament for each of the grandchildren every year. It's a tradition my mother-in-law started with her children.

  4. Generally we put our tree up the first weekend of December but this year I think it will happen later due to life getting in the way. Due to allergies we don't have a pine tree but a plastic one so no going hunting got a tree and cutting it down (more environmentally friendly too).
    All the decorations go onto the tree with the help of my children - breakables up the top, everything else at their level.
    Love having the tree up!!!!!

  5. thanks for the chance! I put lights up yesterday. We haven't put any ornaments. My 17 month old son wont allow it.

  6. We usually get our tree from my parents' house in the mountains (it's free for us, and helps them thin out the trees to preserve their view - win-win!). While most of our ornaments are home-made, my tree-topper is an Norfin angel troll that I strap onto the top tier with a chenille stem. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  7. We put up our tree (fake) on the 25th of November and it's the first time we had one up in over five years! I'm thrilled. It's filled with crafty (beaded and sequin) ornaments and quite a few hallmark ornaments. Some of the ornaments are from my Mother's tree.

  8. We like to listen to Christmas music and drink eggnog while putting up our tree. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Our tree is going up today. My hubby is the driving force behind the tree. I love having it twinkling in the dining room, but I do not enjoy putting it up at all (which makes me feel like Scrooge and that makes it worse). I will try to be more festive this year :-)

  10. As I get older I get later and later putting a tree up and I have to admit it's only a small one. I prefer other decorations like my quilts and pretty ornaments.

  11. We will put up our tree next weekend. My kids put the ornaments on the tree, taking time to tell stories about each handmade ornament that they put up. They never get tired of the stories.

  12. I start decorating on November 1st. This year I let my 4 year old decorate her own tree. Even if it has 4 silver balls in one spot and no ornaments on one side, it is gorgeous.

  13. We don't put up the tree until I am on winter break since I am a teacher. This year my first day of break the 22nd. So the tree will go up some time around then. Then it will come down before the new year. We have two big dogs who like to eat random things when they get mad so Christmas trees are not a good idea.

  14. My Christmas tree is now a ceramic tree-all I do is plug it in.