September 19, 2012

Tapestry - Simply Color

Just in time for Fall! Tapestry and Simply Color precuts arrived on my doorstep this evening. What better way to start Autumn than with this gorgeous new line from Fig Tree & Co.

Whether the word Tapestry conjures up images of flying carpets or intricately woven textiles, this collection is a medley of exotic influences, colors and flavors. Inspired by a mix of Greek and Moroccan influences, the prints in this group transport you to far away places and take you on a colorful journey in your dreams. Rich, saturated colors such as tangerine, garnet and coral in a variety of autumnal palettes will surely appeal to both the adventurer in you as well as the traditionalist.

And, of course, Vanessa Christensen's debut line, Simply Color. The Ombre solids are the main focal point in this line. Vanessa wanted to explore designs using different shades of the same colors. So many ideas come to mind for quilts or apparel since ombre is a very wonderful way to play with color and the different shades just add that much more depth to your design. I believe there is real beauty in simple designs and when you incorporate different shades of the same color in one project there is a subtle radiance that can make a very simple project look breath taking. Throw in a love of vintage textiles and you get vintage and simple modern encompassed in one line!

This line comes not only comes in the traditional Jelly Roll, but also has a Junior Jelly Roll of the Ombre Solids.
This line is surely one to love. Every color is simply beautiful!!

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  1. Love the Simply Color fabrics, I just love bright colours and those sure fit the bill!


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