August 18, 2012

The Violant Flames

Tonight, one of my parent's neighbor's house caught fire, just as we were returning from a city function.The furnace was acting up and ultimately blew. The house is a complete loss, along with the cars in the carport. I heard the expolsions while running down the street. How heartbreaking to watch Someone's home engulfed in flames. How saddening to hear their shouting pleas. How solemn to watch those affected, silent as their material possessions disappear. How humbling to see the neighborhood pull together and help each other. My heart goes out to the residents who lived there.

I am so glad to have met Julie Anderson, the incredible lady who started Phoenix Quilts. For those that do not know of Julie, it has become her mission to provide a quilt for every family who has lost their home to a wildfire. Tonight I felt compelled to take Julie's spirit and pass along a quilt to the young men who have just lost everything to a faulty furnace.

The firemen who put out this fire were also at the city function, just minutes before. We watched as they put on performances for the large crowd. We watched again as they quickly and efficiently put the fire to rest. What a turn this night has taken. Although the fire has been out for nearly 3 hours, trucks still line the street. I fully intend to fall asleep to the hum of the firetrucks.

Even small steps can make big changes.

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