July 21, 2012

Weekend Arrivals

I've been distracted lately. I did not meet my goal of getting the house ready to sand the hardwood floors. There's simply too much going on for me this weekend.  I am meeting Julie today and passing along a ton of donations to the Phoenix Quilts project. (which I still have one more quilt to finish up for her. I started the binding on it - which was given to me - and it is about 8 inches too short. GRRRrrr. Not a big deal though. I can always get more.)
But, the real adventure starts tomorrow! I've kept this a little under wraps, but I am too excited for it and you'll see how this is a huge distraction ... I am going skydiving for the first time!!! along with my hubby, cousins and some friends. I'm only a little nervous. :D

And before I get distracted again, I better show y'all what arrived this week.

Three new lines from Moda 

The definition of Good Morning…! expressing good wishes a commonly used greeting for a pleasant beginning Wake up to the refreshing vibrant colors of our newest group! If colors can get you ready for the day ahead … these certainly will!

The colors blue and white always seem so clean and fresh.  The old blue and white quilts that Deb collects, remind her of a summer morning.  Those lovely, cherished quilts inspired this group along with the wide array of blues available.  Paired with only white, this color grouping provides a never ending variety of color combinations.  Blue and white patterns can range from contemporary to nostalgic - soft and muted to bold and dramatic - light hearted to rich.  But always with a clean fresh tone that reminds me of a new day.

Birds & Berries bring you back to your favorite childhood memories of springtime... games of tag in a field of wildflowers…foraging for wild berries…the melody of songbirds after a long winter… This new line is an organic balance of nature and structured design with colors inspired by the warm shades of springtime. Birds, berries, small bugs and other wildlife elements are mixed in for you to find.  As with all previous lines, there are included hidden surprises in each print!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!
I'm hoping to have some pictures of my weekend to show y'all, and maybe a video too!

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  1. Enjoy the skydiving...will look forward to seeing pics!

    What beautiful new fabric lines..TFS!


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