June 12, 2012


Last week when I went to pick up Bohemian Festival from Riley Blake, I took my kids with me. As soon as we pulled up, my boy says "get me a donut!" I tried to tell him they don't have donuts there, except one time during their open house a few months ago. He replied with "I want a donut! and a water."
The kids were watching a movie, so I left all the windows down and ran inside. It was a short visit, since they knew I was coming. As soon as I got back to the car, the first thing I hear is "Where's my donut!?!"

I get the same reaction when I go to the bank drive-thru and don't get them smartees.


  1. Funny, sounds like my DD when she was young my DH had to bring her lollipops from the bank.

  2. I know how you feel...get them something once and they think they have to have it every time. My 4 are like that with junk at the Dollar Store!


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