February 21, 2012

Fishing Quilt

I was going thru some of the pictures left on my camera, and realized I never posted this finished quilt. The owner of this quilt was born a few weeks too early, and had to spend some time in the NICU before coming home. With RSV and Flu season starting, he was under strict host arrest with no visitors for the first few months. I was finally able to deliver this quilt on Christmas Eve. I guess it didn't ever feel finished to me, since it had to wait so long to be home.

I put my free motion skills to work with swirlies in the water and sun rays in the clouds.

And backed it with minky! 

I love how this quilt turned out. I dont' know if I will attempt it again.
Maybe one day.
The curves were a little more trouble than I thought they would be.
A lot of unpicking went on here.
Which makes me love it even more.

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