August 22, 2011

Tasks At Hand

Happy Monday to you!

I finished this lovely a couple days ago. (much more on it later...)

I am finishing up the back for the Grandma's quilt, Hopefully today.
Then taking a huge stack of quilts to my grandma's house to use her frames. Mine are only big enough for a twin,  maybe a double. I am pretty behind in getting any pictures. I have been multi-multi-tasking trying to get a *million* projects done at once. And it seems like they are all at the top of my To-Do list.
My major priorities right now are Grandma's quilt and two baby quilts, and finishing up some patterns.
The patterns are coming together a lot faster than I thought at first (It is a little intimidating writing up a pattern for others to read).

What's on your docket this week?

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