August 16, 2011

My Baby Quilt

Today, I thought I'd share with you my baby quilt. My grandmother made this quilt for me before I was born. Ultrasounds weren't common then, and my mother didn't know what she was having. She just had an inkling I would be a girl. My grandmother made this quilt purely off of instinct.
If you have ever been with child, you may know that same inkling. I can't speak for anyone but myself; and for me, during my pregnancies, I opted not to know the sex before hand. I genuinely did not want to know what I was having. It didn't matter to me. However, deep down inside, I knew that my first born was going to be a boy. I don't remember a lot about what was said when he was born. I was too busy screaming bloody murder (I also went unmedicated). I just remember the most important words, "It's a boy!"
With my second, I again, knew she would be a girl. I don't know that there was reasoning for either of these feelings. It was just something I knew.
Okay, now back to the quilt. I absolutely loved this quilt growing up. It has always been a favorite. In fact, when my brother was visiting with his little girl, he would try to take my quilt for her. Of course, I would not allow it. As selfish as this sounds, I was even weary about nap times.
The first thing I said to my mom when I called her about Paisley, was to bring me my quilt. It has been with Paisley since the hospital. And now she carries it with her everywhere! I have never seen a little child carry a blanket around like she does. She is constantly snuggling it. If perhaps she does leave it her crib or just out of reach and sees that it is not already in her tiny arms, she gets antsy and a little whiny for it. If stuck between the bars in her crib, she cries until I can get it for her. As much as I love watching her I do hope she will grow out of carrying it everywhere. I keep thinking about Linus from Peanuts and can see her doing the same thing.
I am so glad to have had this quilt when I was young. I am even happier to have been able to pass it down to my own baby girl.

Thank you Grandma for making me such a special quilt!

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  1. What a sweet story!!! I love special items like that! (and I knew what each of my children was you, no real reason, just knew.) :) Thanks for sharing!


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