March 29, 2016

Pink & Gold

My girl has been asking for a couple weeks now to make a quilt. Last week I pulled out all my bins and let her have it. Here are her picks. Most are scraps. And pink.
Turns out I have A LOT of PINK!

After she pulled all this fabric out, she says "so do I get a little box too?" 
"why?" I ask.
"Because," she says, "I'm ordering a quilt!"

Wait .. 
who's doing all the work here?!
Haha! I know it's me!
At least she'll help with piecing, right??

Speaking of  boxes, I still have some of the limited edition Moda small tins. You can still get these free with any purchase over $30.00. That is, until they are gone.

You can also purchase them here, in case you need more than one ;)

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